Runic Collectibles

Long ago, legends tell of three adventurers from different parts of the world who’s love of games, art, movies, books, and all things fantasy inspired them to travel to a fabled school in the far north to master the ways of the artist. Although the demanding nature of the curriculum tested their willpower, they were able to bond together, helping each other along the way to conquer the hurdles thrown at them. Once the test was complete and they learned all they could, they went their separate ways out into the world to start their new lives as professional artists. Over the years they’ve embarked on many legendary quests, lending their talents to companies like Marvel, Disney, DC, Sideshow Collectibles, CD Projekt Red, Warner Brothers, Harry Potter, and many more. Through these experiences they’ve now leveled up enough to begin their most exciting adventure yet – incorporating everything they’ve learned over the years into creating epic tabletop miniatures and collectibles. From angels to demons, castles to taverns, dragons to ogres, and everything fantastical in between, they’ve got your back in your next campaign.


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