Support Services

We have pioneered industry leading methods for supporting STL files for resin 3D printing. Our method takes the utmost care to preserve the detail of your artwork, while being easy to print with our recommended settings. We test print EVERY model that we support, further ensuring their use for all your customers. We also offer a variety of creative services.

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How it works

  • Provide us your models
  • We add supports to minimize model damage during removal
  • We test print your models
  • We deliver final Lychee Slicer files

Community & Education

Let’s face it – 3D printing isn’t simple, while it’s one of the fastest growing hobbies it has a learning curve.


That why we produce and curate videos to help new users quickly overcome obstacles to success. Via video tutorials and our Discord we prioritize user education so artists and creators are not stifled by providing end user tech support and troubleshooting for difficulties in printing. 

It all starts with calibration

There are many different calibration tools on the market, we’ve landed on the Ameralabs town test as one that we feel provides the best results for calibrating printers for miniature and collectible printing. 

All of our clients receive what we call
“Support support”. 

We join your Discord channels as an official support team, and will troubleshoot any and all issues your customers encounter.