We have built a digital maker space in our Discord, Discord.gg/atlas3dss

From troubleshooting a Resin or FDM printer, to the best way to paint non-metallic metal, the goal of Atlas is to give you the tools to improve your crafting and the community to challenge and grow your hobby. 

Support Costs vary

While we love hearing enthusiasm for the Atlas Supports touch, we will only work with the owners of the IP or with direct written permission from them. 

Like with drafting of the plans for a building, each support job is a unique creation. There are some averages, but it really does depend on the model size, complexity, and the number of islands. If you are a creator, send us a render, static or turntable or let us take a look at the stl, to info@atlas3dss.com and we can give you a rough estimate. 

Atlas has many projects in process.

We have 2 resin types created, Vulcan and Hercules, and are developing more. We are continuing to push research and development in resin printing. We have our own model lines, including the Atlas Angels and the Tails from the Garden, as well as more planned for the future,  and we act as facilitators and collaborate with a huge number of artists and art studios to make digital models physical, including otherwise limited IP lines.

Vulcan is shipping out in batches and we are currently doing our best to meet global demand and building partnerships with merchants across the world!

BUY vulcan now

No, because the chemical/mechanical properties of Water Washable resin have been disappointing in testing and the water contaminated in the cleaning processes with Water Washable resin is hard to dispose of safely.

Vulcan and Hercules resins are not Water Washable. They clean best with 90% or better IPA, Denatured Alcohol, or Methylated Spirits. Vulcan and Hercules can be cleaned with Acetone but are best cleaned with Alcohol.

It is a digital token used for purchasing goods on the Atlas store.

For now we are using the MyCred system to handle the Atlas Coin Network, but we are actively developing a more robust and scalable crypto-based solution on the Flow block Chain.

The reason why is quite simple, there are many people involved in the production of 3D assets, from 2d concept artists and story boarders to sculptors, painters, support workers, and distributors. Atlas Coin will make it possible to ensure that every single person involved in the chain of creation can benefit from the sales of their creativity. This won’t happen overnight but this is the first step to that. Thank you for taking it with us.

Vulcan Resin is heavily pigmented to reduce light bleed, and flexible (ABS-like) resins need slightly more exposure in general, resulting in higher exposure times than most other resins – we think the trade-off is worth it to get very crisp and robust prints in exchange for slightly longer print time, especially since total print time can be significantly reduced by ‘vroom’-settings (higher lift speeds) anyway!