Welcome to Spring with Atlas

Our very first Tails from the Garden-Model, Chisa the Fateweaver, got inspired by the spring weather and slipped into her Easter Bunny-Costume for you – she’s just not so sure about the whole egg-thing yet…

  • Multipart model (12 parts) to make painting easy

  • Doesn’t need a base to stand

  • Comes in our usual 1:12 display scale to really show off the detail

Comes fully presupported and immediately available for download so you can have it ready for easter 🙂


And just in case you want to see something completely different: Here’s a teaser of our next upcoming Kickstarter, a highly detailed, printable, true-to-life diorama model of the Maeklong Railway Train & Market in Thailand, with over 120 different parts to print!

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And since it’s almost Easter, we have another great deal on resin, Vulcan Dubs now on sale for just 80 bucks, thats 3 kilos so just 26.67 per kilo. 

We are very grateful for each and every one of you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us – we wish you all happy a easter and great start to the spring season

Much Love, ~ The Atlas Team