Learn to calibrate your resin settings!

Using our proven method of calibrating printers for each resin is the use of the Ameralabs town model. It prints quickly and is more indicative of a real print versus those flat exposure tests you see everywhere.

Once you’ve loaded up the model and tried some settings, how do you know if it’s correct? Watch this video to learn to read the model, what certain things mean, and how to know if you are under or overexposed. Need help reading it? Come to our Discord!


Setting up Lychee for your 3D Printer

Get started in Lychee by setting up your printer! Please note that some printers are available through the betas. If your printer isn’t listed in the official version, check to see if the beta version is available.

Lychee Shorts – Shortcut Keys

This Lychee Short covers some of the useful shortcut keys that really increase workflow in the latest versions of Lychee. If you plan on doing a lot of support work, you won’t want to miss this video!

What types of supports are there in Lychee?

Learn the anatomy of supports, bracing, parenting, scaffolding, making fans, what all those numbers mean, and more!

Lychee shorts – Duplication and support redrawing

Just the first in what will be a series of short video tutorials on various usages of lychee from support staff at Atlas. Learn to speed up your workflow and use the best techniques for a well supported print everytime!

Lychee Shorts – Scaffolding

This lychee short illustrates how to build support scaffolding that you can then build off to support models or reach otherwise hard to reach spots.

Scaling in Lychee

Janeco explains Scaling .LYS Supported files in Lychee, and how to go about editing the support.

Lychee Shorts – Anatomy of a Support

This Lychee short breaks down the various components of any given support. Learn about tips, bases, and more! Get a breakdown of the Advanced Editor for supports in the pro version of Lychee!

Atlas Support Settings

Janeco explains how to customize your default supports in Lychee, and what settings we use at Atlas 3D Support Solutions.

Hollowing in Lychee

Janeco explains hollowing in Lychee, and how we go about it at Atlas 3D Support Solutions.

How to Close Gaps in Lychee

Got some funky gaps that need filling? Learn this trick using mini supports!

Lychee Slicer Methodology

Atlas Support Specialist Janeco goes in depth on some methods and techniques for supporting in Lychee Slicer


Estimating resin volume and printing time in Lychee Slicer

Print time estimates can be tricky because they depend on the 3D printer you are using and also the settings that you’re able to input for it’s 3D printing parameters. This article from the makers of Lychee, helps you to know just how much resin you’re actually using, and how to accurately get print time estimates.