Alessin, the Guardian of Regrowth (Cash)


SCULPTED BY: Winton Afric
SIZE: 32mm Tabletop Scale, 186mm /  7.3″ Height (with base)
PARTS: 19 Parts (15 body parts, 4 base parts)

A soothing calmness radiated from him like sunlight. 
Even though his giant paws with the long, deadly claws left deep marks in the grass wherever he walked, 
those marks filled up with freshly sprouting seedlings after just a few moments.
"Are... are you the guardian of this forest?" asks your leader, unsure of wether to draw his weapon 
or not.
A rustling, deep voice filled your minds. 
'No', the voice said in your head, 'I am the forest.'

Introducing our second dragon, Alessin, the Guardian of Regrowth.

Sculpted by Winton Afric in partnership with Archvillain Games, this Forest Dragon stands at 186mm tall and boasts an impressive wingspan of 230mm and a base without keys so you can use your own custom base for him if you want.

32mm Tabletop Scale.

19-part Multi-Piece Kit.

Fully presupported.

Alessin, the Guardian of Regrowth (Cash)