CHOOSE TWO – Tails from the Garden BUNDLE


FLEX BUNDLE – Choose any TWO Models of our ‘Tails from the Garden’-Line:

Ahrilanna, the Kitsune


Aelle Whisperleaf

Nessayah, Mistress of Eternal Pain

Verminqueen Rhenge

Sheeba, the Tigress Warrior

Chisa Fateweaver

Celine, the Insatiable

Lantris Silvereye

Kharynn, the Tireless Fury

Asterios, the Raging Bull

Delilah, Faun of the Forest

Asher Frostfang, the Ice Wolf Hunter

Sesska, the Cyberrat

Ezra, the Engineer

The Rat Brothers Grimm BUNDLE


Flex Bundle Option for any two ‘Tails from the Garden’-Models.

Will be updated with new releases as soon as they come out!

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Asterios, the Raging Bull

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CHOOSE TWO – Tails from the Garden BUNDLE
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