Khorrak, Renegade of the Lost Seas


SCULPTED BY: Gaetan Grey

SIZE: 32mm Tabletop Scale, 240mm /  9.4″ Height (with base)
PARTS: 12 Parts (10 body parts, 2 base parts)


Introducing our very first dragon – Khorrak, the Renegade of the Lost Seas.

This magnificent beast stands proudly at almost 240mm height including his wings and has it all – spikes, fins, giant wings and a fine scale texture, perfect for drybrushing or washes.

Comes with an optional ocean wave piece that attaches to the base, ideal for being printed in transparent resin.

32mm Tabletop Scale.

12-part Multi-Piece Kit.

Fully presupported.

Khorrak, Renegade of the Lost Seas