Kings Wrath Start Set


Get started with the easiet to pick up wargame on the market. The One page rules start set has everything you need to get immediate start printing and playing a wargame this weekend. This set comes with two well-balanced squads and a PDF with rules and instructions.


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Kings Wrath Start Set



Everything you need to get started with OPR – 2 squads and the rules you need. All you need is resin, a printer, and less than a weekend to get up and going with this amazing wargame. Simple to learn with plenty of depth for strategy dont get bogged down with endless pages of rules. Get started with One Page Rules today.

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Tails from the Garden
- NEW: Lantris Silvereye
- NEW: Tails from the Garden Vol 2 

Atlas Architecture
- NEW: Temple Ruins

Atlas Singles
- NEW: Kit Kat

Atlas Angels
- NEW: Laura: Behind Enemy Lines

Atlas Vol 1
- Added: Ramen Cafe
- Added: V for Valentine
- Added: Abstract Depths