The Loraxys – V.T.O.L


The Loraxys – V.T.O.L



Designed by the latest Engineers from Aphyrion Labs, the Loraxys boasts silent twin engines that will deliver your troops deep into enemy territory undetected. WIth exquisitely riveted composite armor the Loraxys is a top-tier weapons platform. In every way optimized for war, with armor optimized for speed and stealth without compromise. With its 5th generation Jet turbine array it can quickly hit subsonic speeds to move your strike teams across the battlefield with ease. And when you need guns blazing, the Loraxys is ready to meet that need. It comes with dual las cannons, side-mounted, and a nose-mounted quad cannon array. With additions like these, the Loraxys VTOL craft is sure to rain terror on your enemies as you leave them unable to respond to your quick and nimble strike teams. When you need to bring the pain quickly, quietly, and effectively there is no substitute, it’s the Loraxys.


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