Tails from the Garden – Vol 1 Bundle


Tails from the Garden – Vol 1 Bundle



The first volume of the Tails from the Garden lien of collectible figures. These “Tastefully Sexy Rat Ladies” aren’t your usual pinups. Produced with painters and collectors in mind these figures are meant for display.

This bundle includes 4 1/8th scale Models – fully pre-supported -multi-piece model kit – parts cut and keyed for most Monochrome printers. Original Concept art from Kiguri sculpted by Printed Obsessions.

Bundle include


Chisa the Fateweaver

Rhenge the Verminqueen

Aelle – Whisperleaf

Abalone – A mysterious rat lady

Additional information

Digital, Physical


Tails from the Garden
- NEW: Lantris Silvereye
- NEW: Tails from the Garden Vol 2 

Atlas Architecture
- NEW: Temple Ruins

Atlas Singles
- NEW: Kit Kat

Atlas Angels
- NEW: Laura: Behind Enemy Lines

Atlas Vol 1
- Added: Ramen Cafe
- Added: V for Valentine
- Added: Abstract Depths