Tails from the Garden – Vol 2 Bundle


CONCEPTS BY: Kiguri, Wootus
SCULPTED BY: Printed Obsession
, Signum Games
SIZE: 1:12 Display Scale
Kharynn, the Tireless Fury
Celine, the Insatiable
Lantris Silvereye
Rat Brothers Grimm


Atlas proudly presents Volume 2 in our ‘Tails from the Garden’-Line:

This bundle of our next models includes three Rat Ladies and two Ratlings in 1:12 display scale, cut, keyed and presupported for the most popular Monochrome printers.

Original Concept art from Kiguri and Wootus.
Sculpted by Printed Obsessions and Signum Games.

Bundle includes:

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Tails from the Garden – Vol 2 Bundle