Vulcan Dub with model bundle


Vulcan Dub with model bundle


Vulcan comes in 1.5kg bags, that’s 50% more than most other brands. By buying more, you get more value and create less environmental impact! With the Dub Pack you get 2 bags of resin instead of just 1 and you get a pack of presupported files to choose from too! Whether you want dragons to torment your players, new skirmish troops for your squad, busts to test your painting skills on, or you want to get the best deal on our unique Character models we have got the deal for you. We’ve also got a unique time limited sneak peak at an upcoming project with the Nuclear Nerds. 

  • We’ve sped Vulcan up with exposure time now starting at 2.8 seconds at 50 Micron on Elegoo machines and 1.8 seconds and Anycubic machines.
  • We’ve also increased pigment density to make those details pop.
  • Our new formulation delivers sharp details at any resolution. From 2k to 8k, this resin will look great on your machine.
  • Durable aluminum bags withstand high pressure but still use 80% less material!
  • Vulcan dub is 3kg High Definition resin.
  • Vulcan is made and manufactured in the United States
  • Each bag uses 80% less plastic than competing packaging solutions.


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Weight 3 kg

Dragons, Skirmish, Busts, Characters, Nerds

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