Vulcan Tabletop — NOW SHIPPING — Try the best new resin on the market today!


Vulcan Tabletop Resin: Enhanced 3D Printing Experience
Vulcan tabletop is a flexible yeetable resin designed to be player friendly while still maintaining those sharp details we all love on our resin printers.
Stop worrying about breaking your minis, try Vulcan Tabletop today.
Standard Refill 1 Bag(1.5kilos) 40 a kilo
DUB2 Bags(3kilos) 36.67 a kilo
Mega3 Bags(4.5 kilos) 36 a Kilo
Ultra4 Bags(6 kilos) 35.83 a kilo
Box 8 bags(12kilos) 35.41 a kilo
Merchants/vendors/’distro email for more details or DM Support Monkey on discord for quantity discounts.
Quarterly Model Bundle:
ALL FILES NOW DELIVERED VIA MMF – Will be sent redemption link with 24 hours of purchase.
The Commissar: Commanding authority in every detail.
Nightmare Chimera (Bestiarum Miniatures,): Bring terror to the table with this fearsome creature.
Infernosaurus ( Dragon Trapper Lodge): A colossal T-rex from the lost Continent Line, destined to dominate your game.
Malebolge (Claymore Minatures): A magnificent molten dragon, meticulously crafted for awe-inspiring presence.
Arriax Dragon (Arcane Minis): A frosty dragon, the perfect adversary to Malebolge’s fiery might.
From the Atlas archives we have the Wasteland War Main Battle Tank & our beautiful faun Delilah: Add versatility and charm to your collection with these unique models.
Dao Miniatures has also given us a pack of their legendary Samurai mounted warriors.
Brynhildr On Horseback from Iniquitous miniatures: This 75mm piece is truly a work of art.
Every preorder purchase of Dub, Mega, Ultra, or Box includes 10 models in this exclusive bundle.
Single bag orders aren’t to be left out, every single bag comes with a resin torch, the Ramen Cafe, Commissar, Brynhildr, and the Mounted Samurai.
Video provided below from the Spotted Painter demonstrates the durability of Vulcan Tabletop quite well.

Our friend Warking Miniatures has also been giving Vulcan tabletop a spin check out his throw and drop tests.

The “Mix” option comes with 1 bag of vulcan standard and 1 bag of vulcan tabletop. Because Vulcan Tabletop is quite flexible some folks might like to mix in standard for a more rigid but still high durability blend. Fortunately, because they are very close in terms of exposure as well, 3.4@ 50 micron for Vulcan Standard and 3.5 @50 micron for Vulcan Tabletop, if/when you do create blends, you don’t really have to worry as much about recalibrating.

More in Every Bag: Our Vulcan Tabletop Resin redefines industry standards by offering a generous 1.5kg per pack, surpassing most competitors by 50%. This isn’t just more resin; it’s more possibilities in every aluminum bag.
Eco-Friendly Innovation: We’re committed to the environment. Our innovative packaging utilizes sturdy aluminum, significantly reducing plastic usage by 80%. It’s not just about printing; it’s about protecting our planet.
Unparalleled Detail and Durability: Experience the difference in every print. Vulcan’s advanced formulation delivers crisp, precise details across a wide range of resolutions (2K to 12K), without the brittleness common in standard resins. It’s the perfect blend of strength and precision.
Vulcan Tabletop Resin: Where quality, quantity, and environmental responsibility meet. Perfect for merchants, players,  and artists who need a high detail and durable resin.
Exceptional Value, Made in the USA:Quality meets affordability with Vulcan. Get premium, high-definition prints at an unbeatable price. Proudly manufactured in the USA by 3DRS, ensuring top-tier quality in every batch.
The Spotted Painter also provided this video demonstrating it’s flexibility
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Standard jug, Standard refills, DUB, DUB-Mix, MEGA, Ultra, BOX

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  1. sharkco3 (verified owner)

    Bounces and bends and looks great doing it!

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Vulcan Tabletop — NOW SHIPPING — Try the best new resin on the market today!
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