Projects we are launching this month!

Exciting things are coming soon! October will be a big month, and we’ll have 2 incredible projects for you:


What started with Nadira finally goes into the next round – this sweet Husky Lady will enchant you with four different poses, shapeshifting and doing a blood ritual in the pale moonlight, baring her very soul… FOLLOW HER HERE:


Over on MyMiniFactory we’ll have an assortment of scary, spooky and sexy surprises for you, perfect for the season – who knows, it could be sexy skeletons, or a feral thing, or even one of our girls turning evil and leaning all the way into her dark side… (and if you wanna guess, who this girl is gonna be, send me a DM – if you’re correct, I’ll give you a prize!) FOLLOW US HERE: (as a thank you for signing up you’ll get this hellhound with his little pumpkin choker for FREE!)

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