Quarterly Model Bundle

Here at Atlas we work with a host of highly talented creators in the 3D print market, supporting their models with the best presupports so everyone can print with confidence at home!

Right now every time you buy Atlas Resin from us at the Dub, Mega, Ultra, or Box sizes, we will include the following bundle of models from our creative partners (and two from ourselves) for FREE! That’s right, here at Atlas you not only get Resin, but STLs as well!

This Quarterly Bundle will be valid until Mid April, so don’t delay, get your resin now before the bundle changes

Nightmare Chimera by Bestiarum Miniatures

Bestiarum Patreon
Bestiarum Tribe

Infernosaurus by Dragon Trappers Lodge

Dragon Trappers Lodge Patreon
Dragon Trappers Lodge Tribe

Malebolge, The Sinner Devourer

Claymore Miniatures Patreon
Claymore Miniatures Tribe

Arriax Dragon by Arcane Minis

Arcane Minis Patreon
Arcane Minis Tribe

Heavy Samurais and Expansion set by Dao Factory Miniatures

Dao Factory Miniatures Store

Brynhildr on Horseback by Iniquitous Miniatures

Iniquitous Miniatures KS

Wasteland War Machines – Tank by Atlas 3DSS

Delilah, Faun of the Forest by Atlas 3DSS

Remember all these models are yours if you get a Dub, Mega, Ultra, or Box order of resin from us:

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